Clients Dates Project Description
Chicago applicant for the Sept. 2008 Demographic study and pro forma analysis of a potential casino riverboat in the Chicago market.
10th Illinois Riverboat   Includes detailed study of 177 area zip codes, staffing and wage projections for the casino/ hotel,
License   restaurants and theater operations, including estimated taxes and benefits, and pre opening payroll and
8th Wonder International 2007 Pro forma financial projections for a Hungary casino/ resort project on the border of Austria within 40 
  miles of Vienna's population. The project includes golf, theaters, an indoor water park, up to 5 casinos, 
  and residential components.
8th Wonder International 2006-2008 Pro forma financials and visitor projections for casino/ resorts in Chile, Argentina, a California Indian Tribe,
  and a casino/ resort with theaters and a marina in Biloxi MS. 
8th Wonder International 2006-2008 Pro Forma financial studies and visitor analysis for the Asian countries of Kazakhstan and South Korea for
  several cities. The projects include casino gaming, championship golf, theaters, entertainment districts, 
  retail, sports stadiums, and residential components.
Centaur Inc. 2005- 2008 Pro forma financial and market demographic studies for race tracks with slot machines in Indiana & Pennsylvania.
8th Wonder International 2004-2007 Completed a full study, including 30 year financial projections with visitor attendance projections (both 
  foreign and local) of a $2.5 billion Resort Casino project on Sentosa Island, Singapore.  The 
  project included multiple hotels, restaurants, amusement rides, water features, theaters, sports arenas, 
  aquarium, all tied together by water and land transportation systems and connected to mainland
  Singapore by a 4 lane bridge and monorail system.                             
8th Wonder International 2004 Financial projections and visitor estimates for the government of Poland relating to a resort casino project 
  on the German border.
Mandalay Bay Resorts 2004 Demographic study and financial pro forma  for a riverboat casino in South St. Louis.
Centaur Inc. 2003 Study on economic potential of Rosecroft  Race Track, MD, from the introduction of 3,500 slot  machines 
  and dining and entertainment facilities.
Diamondhead Inc. 2002-2008 Consultation with potential developers of  Diamondhead's 400 acre site on Bay St. Louis for a
  dockside casino.
North East Resorts 2002-2006 Various studies for the MA Administration and  Legislature as they have studied and proposed
  casino and racing legislation. NM studies include comparisons of revenue, taxes, jobs, construction, 
  and tourism from resort casinos vs. slots at race tracks; a study on the absence of any negative impacts
   to State lotteries from the introduction of land based casinos, riverboat casinos or Indian casinos.
Centaur Inc. 2002 Study, lobbying and presentations in Louisiana  regarding acquisition of Delta Downs Racing with 1,500
  slot machines.
Gas City Inc. late 1990's Consultations with Gas City as they negotiated  to acquire or develop an Internet Casino. NM recommended
  against such an investment absent Federal Legislation approving Internet Gaming.
Empress Riverboats Inc. late 1990's Value assessment of the casino riverboat for negotiations to sell the Empress Casino to Binions'
  Horseshoe Gaming Co.
Argosy Gaming Inc. 1996-1997 Study for Indiana Gaming Commission to project impacts of the proposed casino in Vevay on the
  existing casino in Rising Sun. Commission waited a year before approving Vevay, and the
  negative impacts to Rising Sun were similar to those projected in the NM report.
Argosy Gaming Inc. 1993 Entered into an agreement with Centaur Inc. and Argosy to continue lobbying for successful
  riverboat casino legislation that passed in July's 1993 special session. Concession made to provide part of
  admission entry fees to support racing industry. Hoosier Park was built with Churchill Downs and Centaur
Alton Belle Partnership                    1992 Prepared applications for 3 Louisianna communities for a riverboat casino license.
Indiana Legislature  1991-1993 Assisted the Legislature as they progressed from land based casinos on US Steel property in Gary, 
  to riverboat casinos on Lake Michigan, the Ohio River, and Lake Patoka (which eventually moved to French Lick).
Delta Queen Steamboat Co. 1991-1992 Assisted the Louisianna State Police in writing the rules and regulations, policies and procedures for river boat casinos.
Alton Belle Partnership 1991 Acted as licensed Casino Manager to open the Alton Belle Casino in Alton, IL.
Alton Belle Partnership 1991 Assisted the Illinois Gaming Commission in writing the rules and regulations, policies and procedures for 
  river boat casinos.
Delta Queen Steamboat Co. 1990-1991 Worked with the Administration, Legislature, and State Police of Louisianna through testimony, lobbying and assisted
  in drafting the riverboat casino legislation that passed in 1991.
Merv Griffin Resort's 1989-1990 To develop the casino application for the Alton Belle Partnership for a riverboat casino in Alton, IL.
  and to negotiate a contract whereby Griffin Resort's would manage the Alton Bell.
Delta Queen Steamboat Co. 1989-1990 Study of the proposed Iowa casino legislation. It was recommended by NM to pass on the opportunity
  due to the $200 loss limit, $2 bet limit, 30% casino space limitation on cruising riverboats and 
  impending casino legislation in Illinois.
Resort's International Inc 1988-1989 To assist  the exploration of the pros and cons of casino gaming for the Gary City and Lake Co. Indiana Legislators.
and Merv Griffin Resort's   Held dinner reception in Indianapolis for Legislative Leadership, testified before House, Ways and Means 
  and Senate Finance Committees and assisted IN Legislative Services draft casino legislation.
Resort's International Inc. 1987 A study that proposed a single mega casino in preference to casinos in every 500 room New Orleans
  hotel as proposed by the Governor. The Resort's proposal was adopted by the Governor and the ensuing 
  bill was passed by Committee, but not enacted by the Legislature. The proposal was reintroduced in 2002 and
  passed by the Legislature; when the Governor won a 4th term; but by that time Mississippi had dockside
  casinos and Louisiana Riverboat casinos. The bill included 4 gourmet restaurants - to be operated by 
  existing New Orleans restaurateurs, a 2,500 seat theater -  for a risqu' review, an 8,000 seat multi 
  purpose hall - for star performers or sporting events, a buffet, 2 coffee shops, a 2,500 car garage, but no
  hotel rooms - since the local hotels were suffering from 53% occupancies. Shares would be offered to LA 
  residents and debt offered to LA banks. The tax included a  $100 million annual minimum with
  Resort's International as the operator. When the land based casino actually opened, most of 
  the superior amenities were eliminated, but the $100 million minimum tax remained in spite of the
  new competition from MS and LA. 
Resorts International Inc. 1978 Developed line run bus programs for Resorts International Casino Hotel in the Atlantic City market to expand visitor 
  attendance during the seasonal decline in the winter months.  The program eventually  grew to 16 million
  passengers annually by the mid 1980's.
Resort's international Inc. 1977 Assisted the NJ Legislature through testimony about size of qualifying  hotels, inclusion of public space
  to determine casino gaming areas, recommendations on advertising restrictions and background checks,
  tax rates, as well as assisted the Attorney General's Office in drafting the Casino Control Act.
International Intelligence Inc. 1977 Prepared pro forma financials for the Louisianna Department of Administration, revenue estimates and design
  recommendations for a casino or Greyhound Track in the Louisiana Super Dome structure. Recommended that a
  casino could be built in a vacant quadrant of the Dome, and breached on the Southern end to permit a theater and
  restaurants. Recommended against the Greyhound Track because it would have required use of the main Dome arena.
Resort's International Inc. 1976 Prepared benefits study for The Committee to Rebuild Atlantic City to estimate the impact to New Jersey from the 
  introduction of casino gaming in the 1976 statewide referendum.  The study revealed the benefits including:  new jobs,
  casino taxes, corporate taxes, employee income taxes, AC Expressway and Garden State Parkway toll revenue
  increases, gas tax increases from out of state visitors, reductions in unemployment compensation and 
  family assistance programs, new visitor estimates, hotel/ motel occupancy and rate increases, new resort casino
  construction, and non casino related construction. The referendum passed 57% to 43%.
International Intelligence Inc. 1971-1970 Studied and made recommendations on operations of 7 Nevada casinos owned by the Hughes Tool Co.
Paradise Island Ltd. 1969-1971 Prepared a presentation for the Treasurer of the Bahamas to change the casino tax law from an escalating system
  of 10 to 17% to a de-escalating structure, commencing with a tax rate of 25% on the first $10 mil. of win, but 
  declining  to 5% on win over $20 mil. Enacted by the Bahamas legislature.








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