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Coordination with Investment Banks

We have had years of experience in raising debt and equity for major casino operations including Resorts International, Inc., Merv Griffin Resorts, Sand's Inc., Gold River Gaming Resort and Argosy Gaming Co., to name a few. Our successful financing tours produced results through avenues such as mortgage debt, high yield bonds, reset notes, IPO, convertible debentures, private equity and other financial matters including bankruptcy reorganization.


Coordination with Architects & Contractors

Our highly skilled team will work directly with your architect, (or recommend one based on your needs) to ensure that your facility will be competitive in the market as well as providing the most operationally efficient facility possible.  Our experience in project development and construction coordination will allow your project to be completed on time and within budget.  Our experiences include: Island resorts, all riverboat casino markets, Florida, Nevada, Mississippi and Colorado casino properties.


Hotel, Restaurant & Theaters

From traditional to cutting edge, we can take your ideas from concept to implementation.  Based on the needs of your market, we will provide recommendations for the size and scope of each element of your project with detailed information of how each component will contribute to your desired goals. 


In a very interactive process, we will help you come up with a brand, name, theme, and components to help maximize the attractiveness and return on your investments.  We have the expertise to provide you with as much detail as you need, from the number and size of hotel rooms, right down to the number of sheets on each bed. From the size and types of restaurants to the pre-set condiments on your buffet tables, from the largest headline entertainment, to the one man band in the lobby.



Starting with a complete market analysis of your competition and customer demographics, we can develop your gaming offering.  Our team is capable of completing layout designs, game selection, pricing for both high end casino destinations as well as smaller local facilities with a focus on cost efficiencies.  We will simplify the complicated process of system selection based upon your operational and marketing requirements. Our experience in more than 20 openings will take the stress out of all aspects related to opening or expanding your operation as we handle procurement, installation, SOP creation, and staff training.  In essence, we will take you from "soup to nuts".


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