Not sure if your revenues and costs are where they should be? We have developed and implemented processes for multi-property corporations as well as single casinos to take the guesswork out of understanding the performance of your gaming operations.  We can prepare a detailed analysis of your table, slots and poker operations identifying where revenues have been left on the table and point out where costs can be reduced; never losing focus on your operational goals.



With a focus on your desired AAA or Mobil rating, we can provide a detailed plan that will outline the steps needed to attain that rating.  Our resume of direct management of a wide range of hotel types, up to the largest full-service resort hotels, gives us a unique ability to offer thorough evaluations and recommendations that will deliver superior results, both fiscally and operationally.


To maximize your revenues, we will help you develop a yield management process that will focus on your customers historical spend patterns compared to your expected demand curve.  By balancing your guests' enterprise worth against demand, we will ensure that the right guests are occupying your rooms for the right price. 


Restaurants, Clubs and Theaters

If it's time to renew your menu or fine tune your existing brands, Norton Management can assist in your endeavors.   Whether your challenges exist in fine dining, casual, buffet, or event/catering, our specialists have both theoretical and practical knowledge to evaluate and optimize menus, standardized recipes, kitchen layouts, production schedules, service patterns, and customer flows.  Our experiences range from fine dining to counter service.  We have first hand experience managing and repositioning countless outlets, improving guest satisfaction levels while increasing departmental profits.  We are experts in purchasing and receiving, cost controls, and sanitation practices.   Whatever your needs are in food and beverage, we can help.


Staffing Optimization

We can implement a process for your operations that will allocate your personnel resources in line with your customer flows maximizing service levels while minimizing labor costs.  We will integrate a process for accurate forecasting with key metrics developed through time and motion studies to ensure that we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.


Secret/ Not-so-secret shopper

Our "professional guests" will provide detailed reports of their experiences at your property focusing on areas you select.  Our experts are fully knowledgeable in all facets of casino/resort operations and can intelligently evaluate and report their experiences.  Our particular strength lies in our ability to evaluate the disparity between "marketing promises" and the "reality of experience" for actual service delivered.


Our "Not so secret shoppers" will evaluate your operation armed in advance with your operating statements, including departmental P&L's, velocity reports, occupancy and rate patterns, as well as casino counts.  Our service here will be focused on problem areas with specific recommendations for improvement. 



We can help you create your niche' by developing a marketing strategy that separates you from your competitors.  By carefully studying your operation and comparing it against your main competitors, we can create a plan to take advantage of your strengths and their weaknesses.  In addition, we can create a detailed analysis of your database & recommend reinvestment strategies for each player segment that delivers the maximum benefit to your players and the house.


System Optimization

In today's gaming and hospitality world, technology advancements have become commonplace.  Unfortunately, most operators deploy this technology and only utilize a small percentage of their capabilities.  With our intimate knowledge of both systems and operations, we can evaluate your existing technology against your operations and identify the gaps.  By focusing on these gaps, we can immediately improve the performance of your operation and reduce capital requirements moving forward.









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