Demographic Analysis

We will evaluate every zip-code within an appropriate driving distance to determine the adult population, average income per household, projected gaming spend per household, and proximity to competitors in the market to generate realistic expectations for your existing or proposed project.


For destination markets, we will similarly evaluate key feeder markets which have accessibility by air, public ground transportation, charter bus programs, and personal vehicles.


Competitive Analysis

Our site visits to your primary competitors will allow us to give you valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to those of your competition. Included in our analysis, we will rank: Proximity to your property, ease of access and egress, facility features and components, floor layouts and gaming mixes, levels of service, condition of the property, brand strength (if relevant), player's club benefits and appropriateness of positioning in the marketplace.  From this we will create a visitation factor to be used in our financial evaluations and projections.


Financial Pro-Formas

Combined with our detailed demographics and competitive analyses, using proprietary templates, we can fairly accurately predict financial results for your casino, hotel, restaurants and other operating departments. 


We will also provide feasibility studies and justifications for capital project investments and financing packages.  Under no circumstances, however, will we provide forced financial projections for the sole purpose of justifying a desired outcome.  If a projected capital investment doesn't make sense we will not consider backing into projections that will support the expenditures.



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